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Putting an Amazon Associate link in a blog


This is a tutorial on how to put an Amazon Associate link in a blog, blogs are the free blogs.
A good way to make money on your blog is by becoming an amazon associate and advertising their books. Unfortunately the free wordpress blog doesn’t have a widget for this, so it’s a case of doing it manualy by hand, but do not despair the tutorial may look long but once you have the hang of it, you will be able to do it relatively quickly.
Step One: become an Amazon Associate (this is separate tutorial)

Step Two: log into your associate account and click on links and banners in the top menu.

Step Three: Where it says 1: Select Link Type, you will see three choices: text and image, image only, text only. Choose image only.

Step Four: Right click on the image and save on to your hard drive, maybe make a folder named Amazon to store pictures in. Do not close the Amazon Browser window you will need to get some code later.

Step Five: Open the edit page or post of where you want to insert Amazon link in your wordpress blog.

Step Six: Click with mouse so cursor is anywhere inside the post.

Step 7: There is a little rectangular box above post with the words Upload/Insert beside it, click on the box.

Step 8: (warning: Do not click the Insert into post button)
You will now see a rectangular box with an option to select files, click the select files link and then upload your product image that you have just saved from Amazon. I repeat (warning: Do not click the Insert into post button).

Step 9: As you scroll down the box you have saved your image in you will see titles to the left they are: Title, Alternate text, Caption, Description, Link URL ‘stop’ at Link URL!! Then Copy the Link URL, you can do this by clicking your cursor in the box with the words in next to Link URL then on your keyboard press Ctrl A then Ctrl C.

Step 10: Scroll down some more past where it says Alignment and Size and then right at the bottom to your left you will see a link saying Save All Changes Click this. (Warning: Do not click the Insert into post button)

Step 11: Now close the insert image box by clicking the small cross top right that is your right.

Step 12: You should now be back in your edit post/page of the wordpress blog. You will see there are two views for the post visual and html, go into the htmlview. Now put your cursor in blog post and paste the Link URL you have just copied from the image that you uploaded into the wordpress gallery. You can also paste it by pressing Ctrl V on your keyboard.

Step 13: Go back to your Amazon browser window where you copied the image. Scroll down and where it says 3. Get HTML Code for this product link. Copy the code, once again a shortcut to copying the code via your keyboard is to press Ctrl A then Ctrl C.

Step 14: Go back to your wordpress edit page/post and where it say visual view and html view, click on the html view, put cursor about two spaces down from the URL code that you had pasted in previously. Then paste the Amazon code into the window of the html view, (shortcut to pasting code is Ctrl V on your keyboard).

Step 15: (Now in the html code you will see where it says image source and has the code to link for the Amazon image, but what you need to do is replace this with the URL code from your image we uploaded into wordpress gallery, otherwise the link will not work! Thankfully you have by now the URL code already pasted in the blog ready for you to use sooooo!)

What you need to do for Step 15 is; Copy the separate Image URL code you pasted in above the Amazon code, find the Amazon image code in the text you pasted below, the code looks like this


Step 15: look in visual view and you should see image there. You can align it centre by highlighting the image and clicking the align text centre image in tool bar.

Step 16: press the update button in wordpress blog to save it.

Step 17: Go to view page and you should be able to see it!

Step 18: according what to what you see in your page view you can either; Pat yourself on the back and go and treat yourself ;)

Step 19: or reread the tutorial and do it step by step again :(

Step 20: is just because I wanted an even number to end with :)

Remember to copy anything, text or pictures you highlight it by pressing Ctrl A, then copy it by pressing Ctrl C and paste it by pressing Ctrl V on your keyboard, but these shortcuts do not work for Macs, they have different shortcuts.
This article is written by a member of the artists blogs team and it's under the creative commons license, you can use this article in your blog or website so long as you put a link back to this site with the words 'written by a member of the team. Thank you