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Paper Stretchers, Water Colour Paper

Have you ever been a bit exasperated at trying to stretch your own paper. I recently decided to stretch some paper as I am getting back into painting Water Colours, but I discovered that the gum tape I had stored away had gotten wet at some point and the gum paper was all stuck together! I started thinking that surely there must be an easier way to stretch paper without using the gum tape.  

I decided to do a bit of research and I found a great Idea by Ken Bromley:

BUT being on a bit of a tight budget I  googled to see if there was anything similar but cheaper on the market, and I found Alan Davies who is a fine artist and Water Colour teacher who needing to stretch a large amount of paper each day, so decided to devise an invention to help him do this quickly and he came up with this design:  

The board used is the kind you get from the backing on a picture frame, I think it’s called hardwood? anyway it’s some kind of mdf, and it’s very simple to use, instructions are on the website. There is a slight ridge to the paper when you take it out of the frame where the paper has been pulled over the board, you can cut this off or it could be used to your advantage if so inclined as you can mount it onto another piece of paper or board when framing, and it will give a raised edge effect, useful also if you are doing mixed media or collage with it, maybe experiment with it! I always like to see what can be done with wee things like that :)

I think it's a great invention, and after purchasing the A4 to see how well it worked, I decided to purchase the Quarter Imperial and  I’m very happy with my products.

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