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How to get your Blog Listed here

Welcome to the How to get listed page!

For a minimal one off fee of only £5 pounds, Listing your Art Blog with this site helps to get it seen, it will help with your SEO optimisation, If you type Art Blogs or Artists Blogs you will see that it is near the top if not at the top of the google search engines. It is a minimal price to pay considering you would probably pay that per month to get your blog advertised on other websites.

To be listed here we request that you put a link back
 to this site in your blogThis is a request but not a requirement, although it is advantageous to you if you do link back as it helps even more with your blogs SEO ratings.

This is for artists own personal Art blogs and not a blog written about other Artists or Art movements.

Blogs must be seen to have regular postings in for a minimum period of 3 months 

NEW we will now be including your personal Fine Art Photography/Digital Blogs and Sculpture Blogs, Illustration Blogs and Graphic Design Blogs.

A small one off fee of only £5 to be paid in UK Pound Sterling will be charged via paypal for blogs listed.

please see the currency convertor to see what amount £5 is in your country:

please adhere to above... and submit your blog to INCLUDING your full url address and please put what catagory you think your blog should be listed under.

1.)Fine Art Photography/digital enhancements
2.) Digital Media Blogs 
3.)Sculpture Blogs
4.) Illustration Blogs 
5.)Graphic Design Blogs.

on selection you will be sent information of where to send the paypal payment.