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Blogging has fast become a growing way of communication, the idea of this blog is to have a list of Artists Blogs, and to help them get seen. is very high up in Google search engine, if not at the top, so if you are an Artist and a blog owner it maybe worth submitting your blog to be listed, if you would like to do this please see this link below = 

Also if you are a website owner and  would like to advertise your website in the side margin please contact for details at : artistsblogs (at) gmail dot com. written this way so as to avoid spam the (a) is @ and dot is .

Also taking a little time to join the  readers community,  will also help with your search engine optimization.

This site is growing, initialy created to help other artists who write blogs to help get their blogs to the top of the search engines, and now expanding also into articles and interviews etc, which will be seen in the future, so do subscribe if you wish by putting your email into the (follow by email box) top left (your left) and stay posted.

If you would like to submit an article to us (good way to market your work) then please see this link: Write for Us.